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A Data-driven and detail-oriented Network and Security Engineer with hands on experience in all level of system administration, troubleshooting computer systems and networks

About Me

Electronics and Communication engineer

Currently, I work as a System Deployment Engineer at Mohar Digital Pvt. Ldt., Nepal, also I'm an active Group member as a cybersecurity analyst at HackASat Global, and a part-time collabrator as a Network and Data Security engineer at TheThingsNetwork (Kathmandu, Amsterdam, Toronto).

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My Projects

Computer Numerical Controlled(CNC) Machine

LiTe Technical Exhibition 2017. Operated via numerical control G-code, a software program designated to control an object

Discord Bot

A bot user that listens to and automatically reacts to certain events and commands on Discord.

Real-Time Two PS2keyboard communicator

Baudot /RTTY 45.45 Encoder/Decoder (PLL, ATmega328, LoRa)

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Update on my recent tech writings, and published articles


Took Part in global Hackasat competition


Took Part in global Hackasat competition


LOCUS 14th National Technological Festival at Institute of Engineering

JWT Attacks

How vulnerable JSON web tokens (JWTs) can potentially compromise the entire website and its users.


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